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At Tom Adams Aviation we apply our experience in the industry with our expertise in the recruitment process, to
provide both client and candidate with a seamless, professional service. Helping you to fulfil your goals is the key to our success.

Below are the Resource submissions from our Recruitment experts:

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Reviewing and evaluating team performance

As team leader, or project manager, it’s essential to assess the performance of your team. Project delivery is essential in the competitive and fast-paced aviation industry, but proper consideration of your team as well gives you an overview to continue strong teamwork in future projects and enhance the success of your whole organisation.

Evaluation should take place at key stages throughout your project and upon completion, as this gives you the opportunity to reward success and possibly plan for future improvements.

Creating successful teams

Creating successful teams is key to the success of any organisation, especially in the competitive aviation industry. In today's organisations, work is increasingly carried out by groups, and team working brings a number of benefits to your company. So what defines a successful team?

Development and retention of staff

Want to ensure that your organisation is successful, productive and profitable? It's all about people, and it is vital to retain and develop the top talent you have worked so hard to attract.

Appreciating your team

Showing your staff you appreciate them – and spotting the signs of an unhappy employee – could mean the difference between a top-performing licensed engineer or technical author staying to develop their career within your company, or moving elsewhere. 

Attracting and recruiting staff

What do the most successful companies all have in common? They're skilled at attracting and recruiting the right candidates. Getting high calibre interviewees is vital for any business but even more so in the aviation industry. Tom Adams Associates can help you to attract and recruit top-quality employees to fill a wide range of roles – here are our expert tips to help you:

Your values

Writing a Cover Letter

Want to apply for a role in the aviation industry? You'll need to stand out from the crowd as a high-calibre candidate and the right person for the job of your choice: your cover letter is the place to showcase your qualifications, experience, personality and suitability for the role in question.

Interview techniques

We know that interviews can be nerve-wracking, and it's important that you make a positive first impression and arrive at your interview on time, feeling prepared and confident. Tom Adams Associates have prepared these tips to help you with that all-important interview, showing employers that you are the perfect candidate to satisfy their needs.

What skills/qualities are employers looking for?

Developing your career

You've landed the job you wanted in the aviation industry – congratulations! The hard work isn't over yet though – progressing in your career means making a commitment to continuous professional development and planning future goals. We have a few tips that will help your career to soar.

Boost your job satisfaction

You don't have to be 100% happy at work every single day, but enjoying your job reduces your stress levels and is important for your well-being. Try to:

Creating your CV

An effective CV is your passport into a high-flying career in aviation, whether you're applying to be a pilot or have your sights set on an engineering or quality management role. Your CV should engage employers, encouraging them to find out more about you and showcasing your unique combination of qualifications, skills and experience. It should ensure the person reading it knows you are the ideal candidate for the job!

Know your purpose