How hard is it to get a job in the aviation industry?

The industry is fast-paced and competitive, and highly-regulated. There are stringent requirements for some roles: for example, with technical jobs, it’s essential that candidates hold the necessary qualifications and have experience in the role they are applying for. Opportunities exist for skilled, ambitious candidates, whether you are a trained pilot or a certified engineer. 
Employers are looking for a blend of qualifications and experience, which can be gained through university or college courses, training schools, apprenticeships and work experience in the industry. If you need advice on recommended training schools, or certification courses for the role you are seeking, or to find out about what each section of the industry requires, for roles all around the world, get in touch with our expert team.
Aviation industry employers are also increasingly looking for candidates with transferable skills who are seeking a career move. Skills gained from past employment in purchasing, supply chain, project management, technical authoring and other roles are all helpful. We also need individuals with specialist workshop skills such as semi-skilled technicians, composites and bench technicians. The industry is evolving and there are great opportunities for skilled, qualified and experienced candidates as well as those who have transferable skills and experience and are willing to undergo further industry training.

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